Knit to Quit

Posted By: Staff | Jul 8 2014

“When I quit smoking 5 years ago, the biggest problem I faced was what to do with my hands. In the evenings after work…sitting on the couch…watching TV…talking on the phone…these were the times that I usually lit up. A friend taught me to knit (I am not a huge knitting fan but it worked!) It kept my hands busy and my mind distracted. I knitted a blanket that could cover a family of four and I am smoke-free!”  Angie B. | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Tobacco Companies Have Made Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever

Posted By: Staff | Jul 3 2014

Since the 1960s, when the first Surgeon General’s warning about cigarettes and tobacco products was issued, cigarettes have become likely to cause: cancer, COPD, and other diseases than ever before.  This is due to an increased amount of TSNAs (Tobacco Specific NitroSamines), which are chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. 
This is not the only change to the cigarette that is causing problems for smokers.  Cigarette companies have added holes to the filters of cigarettes - which is…

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Exercise: Freak Out the Neighbors

Posted By: Staff | Jul 2 2014

“I have quit smoking for about 3 months now and I just decided to stop one day. Every time I really wanted a cigarette I would rush out the house and sprint as fast as I could down the street and back. I also work at an office building and every time I was having a fit I would get out of my chair and do 10 pushups. If you can get past the funny looks this method works rather well. You also want to carry around candies of some kind that will keep your mind busy.” Craig | Denton, Texas, United…

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The Case for Banning Cigarettes Entirely, Forever

Posted By: Staff | Jun 25 2014

The British Medical Association recently voted to ban anyone born after the year 2000 from buying cigarettes, ever.  This ban is part of a greater plan to reduce overall smoking by the year 2025. The author for the British Medical Association stated: “Cigarette smoking is specifically a choice made by children that results in addiction in adulthood,” this seems to be the underlying issue these public health officials are trying to solve.  However, there are several concerns related to this…

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Sleep Well Zzzzz

Posted By: Staff | Jun 24 2014

“Never smoke right away in the morning.  Withdrawal symptoms are less severe after a good nights sleep.”  Crystal B. | Niagara Falls, New York, USA

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