More Smoking Equals Lower Quality of Life

Posted By: Staff | Apr 24 2014

Smoking cigarettes, even for a short time, is associated with a significantly lower quality of life (QoL), new research suggests.

A review of 54 studies that assessed QoL in relation to smoking showed that taking up smoking even for a brief duration was associated with lower physical, mental, and social functioning and increased depression.

We are trying to change the perception that our patients with mental illness or co-occurring addictions have about smoking. They feel that smoking…

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The 10 Stages of Quitting

Posted By: Staff | Apr 23 2014

1. Think about cutting down/quitting.
2. Seek more information about quitting.
3. Modify your smoking risk (switch brands, cut down, etc.).
4. Decide to quit (no date set).
5. Set a quitting date.
6. Refrain from smoking for 24 hours.
7. Complete your first week as a nonsmoker.
8. Complete your first month.
9. Complete your first trimester.
10. Complete your first year.

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Stress and Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Apr 16 2014

Make sure you understand your stress. Know what causes it (phone calls, slow traffic, a demanding boss, etc.) and learn ways to avoid the causes or at least deal with them in a way that reduces the stress normally associated with the cause. Know how you react when you are stressed. Some people don’t realize they are stressed until they have reached the boiling point. Common indicators of stress include feeling sick to your stomach, headaches, excessive sweat, irritability, overeating and, of…

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Change Your Current Habits

Posted By: Staff | Apr 15 2014

“10 years ago I successfully quit smoking on my own for a little over 2 years.  One of the things that I found most effective for me was a change in my daily habits.  Instead of waking up and smoking a cigarette with my coffee, I cut out of the coffee (and cigarette :o)) and instead popped in a pilates tape for a morning workout.  After a meal, I would always have a cigarette so instead I would have a sucker or gum until I broke the habit.  There were other little things that I changed to break…

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It Just Got Easier to Ban Outdoor Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Apr 10 2014

While a significant body of research shows that smoking is a socially cued behavior and second-hand smoke is a health hazard, public smoking bans remain controversial. Opponents say the bans limit their individual freedom, while proponents point to research that shows how visual exposure to smokers can encourage young smokers and make it hard to quit.

Researchers in New Zealand have used new mapping technology to make the incidence of smoking visibility more concrete and observable—and they…

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