The Seduction of Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Sep 25 2014

The Seduction of Smoking

The Tobacco Industry is still booming, despite actions by countries the world over to drive the product out of the sales in their borders.  In 2012 the Tobacco Industry sold over three quarters of a trillion dollars in retail sales last year and over 50 billion of that was pure profit. 
Peter Taylor, a world renowned reporter, interviews the head of British American Tobacco who delivers a message that these products are dangerous at best, deadly at worst.  Taylor also looks into how the youth…

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How Smoking Affects Your Mind

Posted By: Staff | Sep 24 2014

Cigarettes contain many chemical compounds that have various affects on the brain and body.
Nicotine, for example, is a stimulant.  It produces an effect similar to cocaine or amphetamines, which provides a “pick-me-up” feeling.  It achieves this by causing heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate to all increase, these results generally wear off after about 20 minutes. 

Acetaldehyde and Carbon Monoxide are also compounds found in cigarettes and cigarette smoke.  These are sedatives,…

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Convince Yourself

Posted By: Staff | Sep 23 2014

“Convince yourself.  What I mean is before you start, convince yourself this will work, that you will be a non-smoker when this process is complete. I smoked for 17 years and tried everything under the sun to quit. Finally I signed up for hypnosis, the month leading up to the hypnosis I told myself ‘this is it,  I will quit” “this has to work”. I think planning for a month that I was quitting is what made it happen. Maybe the hypnosis helped, but I convinced myself I was going to be a…

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Why Do You Smoke?

Posted By: Staff | Sep 19 2014

Understanding the reasons why people choose to smoke is one of the best ways to help them quit.  The most common answers for why smoking is taking place are:  1. Smoking gives me more energy.  2. I like to touch and handle cigarettes.  3. Smoking is a pleasure.  4. Smoking helps me relax when I’m tense or upset.  5. I crave cigarettes; smoking is an addiction.  6. Smoking is a habit. 
There are reasons why these are common answers, but there are better alternatives than smoking, we will…

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Smoking Rates on the Rise in New York City

Posted By: Staff | Sep 18 2014

ABC News File Photo - 2011 Katherine Burns and Shannon Roy smoke together in Times Square

Since 2010 there has been a 3% increase in smoking rate in New York City, this is surprising as New York City has been a pioneer in anti-smoking education and policy.  Many of the steps taken in New York have been utilized as examples for other policies throughout the United States.  The increase in smoking is statistically significant, which means that the rise in smoking rates is not a result of natural population increases or natural change, the increases are attributed to a larger number of…

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