California Leading the Way Again

Posted By: Staff | Apr 15 2015

Prevalence of Smoking in High School students over a 30 day period in California.

The state of California is one of the states at the forefront of the battle against tobacco, but over the last few years their success has been slipping.  This is partially due to campaign contributions and tens of millions of dollars spent by the tobacco industry to reduce their efforts.  “In the 1990s, California had the nation’s most wide-ranging anti-smoking laws. When the state funded a tobacco control and prevention program, the percentage of adult smokers in California fell by half, from…

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Buy A Journal

Posted By: Staff | Apr 14 2015

“Journal when you have a cigarette or a craving so you can identify and change the pattern when you are ready to quit.”  Jennifer K. | New Waterford, Novia Scotia, CA

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Drink Water Like Crazy

Posted By: Staff | Apr 7 2015

“Drink water like crazy and get lots of fresh air.  Walking helps a lot.” Joerg | Houston, Texas

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5 Reasons Smoking Is Decreasing

Posted By: Staff | Apr 2 2015

According to the Huffington Post, attributes the lowest reported number of smokers in the US to the following 5 factors.
1. Focusing on Youth.  99 percent of smokers started smoking before the age of 26, and almost 90 percent started before the age of 18.  By focusing preventative efforts on those most at risk to begin smoking, this prevention is keeping more people smoke free.  One of the best programs working to prevent smoking in youth is the DARE program that occurs in most states in the…

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Smoking Mother’s Babies Grow More Slowly

Posted By: Staff | Apr 1 2015

Smoking Mother's Embryo Compared 4 Hours Behind Non Smoking Mother's Embryo

Babies born to mothers who smoke, and especially mothers who smoked during the pregnancy, are known to have lower birth weights and other developmental problems, perhaps this can be attributed to one IVF clinic’s findings in France.  This clinic took photographs of two embryos from the moment of conception until they were ready for implantation.  They found that the embryos of mothers who smoked were consistently several hours behind the others developmentally.  Being hours behind may not seem…

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