Big Tobacco Warns Against E-Cig Use On Labels

Posted By: Staff | Oct 30 2014

Big Tobacco has started producing e-cigarettes, but they are trying to look health conscious at the same time.  The warning labels on several of these products (all created by big tobacco companies like Reynold’s American and Altria) have very strong wording and warnings.  Some of these labels include phrases like: “Nicotine is addictive and habit forming, and is very toxic by inhalation, in contact with the skin, or if swallowed.” and that people shouldn’t use the products “who have an…

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Be A Wean-ie

Posted By: Staff | Oct 29 2014

“The best way I was able to quit was that I cut my smokes down to 4 then a week or so later to 3 and so on till there were no more. But the big part was that I had family and friend helping me out by being there for me.”  Melissa C. | Tracey, California, USA

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Even Big Tobacco Is Banning Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Oct 24 2014

Headquarters of Reynolds America in NC will no longer allow workers to smoke at their desks

Reynolds America, one of the major tobacco product companies in the US is implementing a new policy in January 2015 that will not allow employees to smoke indoors any longer, there will be designated smoking areas that they can use.  They will allow smoke free products and ecigarettes, which is still problematic for those who are trying to avoid exposure to chemicals and by-products of these products, but it’s a step in the right direction.  This policy seems hypocritical as this company and…

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Stress And Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Oct 23 2014

For many who use tobacco products, these items (cigarettes and chew) are, in part, used to manage stress.  Nicotine, when smoked, reaches the brain in 7 seconds.  The chemicals in nicotine release chemicals in the brain that cause stress relief and decrease alertness.  These can create a calming and pleasurable effect, however, as soon as you stop smoking the nicotine is cut from the brain and you immediately begin to feel withdrawals.  These withdrawals cause an increased sense of stress and…

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Don’t Keep Them Around

Posted By: Staff | Oct 22 2014

“Don’t buy them!  When you buy them, you have them and smoke them!”  Carol S. | Reno, NV, USA

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