Move Your Ashtrays

Posted By: Staff | Mar 25 2014

“Don’t keep ashtrays where you usually sit, like by the computer or in the living room. Chances are you will at least delay that next cigarette if you have to get up and stop something you are in the middle of, like: a good movie, your favorite show, or surfing the web.”  Michelle R. | Middletown, Connecticut, USA

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Smoking ‘increases risk of breast cancer in older women by almost a fifth’

Posted By: Staff | Mar 20 2014

Last year, researchers from the American Cancer Society reported results showing a 24% higher rate of breast cancer among women who smoked.

The risk was much greater among those who started smoking young, either before they started menstruating or before having their first child.

The new study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, covered a period of around 10 years. During this time, 7,500 of the women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The Cigarette Relaxation Myth

Posted By: Staff | Mar 19 2014

You say you smoke to relax, but having a smoke is more like scratching a persistent itch. If you have ever had poison ivy, or some other skin rash, you know how good it felt to scratch the itch. But guess what? Your scratching didn’t make the rash go away. In fact it may have made the problem worse, spreading the rash further.

Yes, you felt relief when you scratched, but the itch remained. What you were truly seeking was a body without any itching and no rash whatsoever! It felt good to…

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Pay a Penalty

Posted By: Staff | Mar 18 2014

“Paying every time you smoke. Not only do cigarettes cost a lot of money, you should tell friends, co-workers etc. etc., that if they see you with a cigarette they are entitled to a certain sum of money from you. I tried it and lost some money and realized that I couldn’t waste all this money just to smoke, so I decided to stop. Very Successful.”
Hans B. | Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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Quitting Smoking Linked To Improved Mood

Posted By: Staff | Mar 13 2014

On average, quitting smoking was associated with improvements in mental health similar to taking an antidepressant drug, a team of UK researchers found.

“The main message is that when people stop smoking, they feel better than they did when they were smoking,” Dr. Paul Aveyard, one of the review’s authors, told Reuters Health.

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