Smoking Rates on the Rise in New York City

Posted By: Staff | Sep 18 2014

ABC News File Photo - 2011 Katherine Burns and Shannon Roy smoke together in Times Square

Since 2010 there has been a 3% increase in smoking rate in New York City, this is surprising as New York City has been a pioneer in anti-smoking education and policy.  Many of the steps taken in New York have been utilized as examples for other policies throughout the United States.  The increase in smoking is statistically significant, which means that the rise in smoking rates is not a result of natural population increases or natural change, the increases are attributed to a larger number of…

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One Cigarette Less Each Week

Posted By: Staff | Sep 16 2014

“Two years ago I had decided to quit smoking and I had tried quitting cold turkey to no avail. What worked for me was weening myself off cigarettes. I was smoking about one pack a day. So, to start I decided to smoke one cigarette less each week. Before I knew it, I was down to five a day, then four, etc. Then one day I realized I didn’t even want or need a cigarette.” Julie Vander Weken | Eugene, Oregon, United States

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Watch The US Quit Smoking Over 40 Years

Posted By: Staff | Sep 11 2014

Map made by Metric Maps

From 1974 to today, the average US consumption of cigarettes has decreased by almost 70 percent in the last 40 years.  Since that time, tax hikes by all of the individual states, and even cities have increased the cost of cigarettes.  Today the US records an average of 46 packs per year per capita (down from 125 in 1974).  The states with the highest usage are Virginia, West Virginia, and New Hampshire.  The states with the lowest usage to date are: Utah, New York, and Washington.…

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Quit Smoking Tip Sheet - Joel Spitzer

Posted By: Staff | Sep 10 2014

These 18 tips from Joel Spitzer are meant to provide concrete tips for the most effective and easiest methods to quit smoking! 
1. Quitting “Cold Turkey” is the fastest and overall easiest way to quit smoking.
2. Do not carry or keep cigarettes on hand.
3. Focus on each day, don’t worry about not smoking tomorrow or next month, just be practice not smoking for the next 24 hours.
4. Have a positive attitude - don’t think of quitting as denying yourself, but freeing yourself!
5. Be proud of…

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Jumping Jacks

Posted By: Staff | Sep 9 2014

“If I want a cigarette, I make myself do 100 jumping jacks. I really don’t want one after that!”  Tip from: Allison E. | Murrayville, GA, USA

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