Watch The US Quit Smoking Over 40 Years

Posted By: Staff | Sep 11 2014

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From 1974 to today, the average US consumption of cigarettes has decreased by almost 70 percent in the last 40 years.  Since that time, tax hikes by all of the individual states, and even cities have increased the cost of cigarettes.  Today the US records an average of 46 packs per year per capita (down from 125 in 1974).  The states with the highest usage are Virginia, West Virginia, and New Hampshire.  The states with the lowest usage to date are: Utah, New York, and Washington.…

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Quit Smoking Tip Sheet - Joel Spitzer

Posted By: Staff | Sep 10 2014

These 18 tips from Joel Spitzer are meant to provide concrete tips for the most effective and easiest methods to quit smoking! 
1. Quitting “Cold Turkey” is the fastest and overall easiest way to quit smoking.
2. Do not carry or keep cigarettes on hand.
3. Focus on each day, don’t worry about not smoking tomorrow or next month, just be practice not smoking for the next 24 hours.
4. Have a positive attitude - don’t think of quitting as denying yourself, but freeing yourself!
5. Be proud of…

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Jumping Jacks

Posted By: Staff | Sep 9 2014

“If I want a cigarette, I make myself do 100 jumping jacks. I really don’t want one after that!”  Tip from: Allison E. | Murrayville, GA, USA

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Way To Go CVS!

Posted By: Staff | Sep 5 2014

CVS announced in February that they would stop selling all tobacco products starting in October of this year, they plan to implement this plan starting this Wednesday and hope and encourage other major pharmacy companies to follow in their footsteps.  There has been some research that shows that with convenient drug stores not offering tobacco products overall sales for these products decreases.  In addition to stopping sales of these products in their stores, CVS is also aiding with research…

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Quitting Smoking Causes Bowel Discomfort

Posted By: Staff | Sep 3 2014

Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt, for many who are quitting smoking, that means that their bodies have become dependent on many of the various chemicals found in cigarettes.  As the body adjusts to life without cigarettes there can be significant bowel discomfort as the intestines (which are especially vulnerable to the chemicals in cigarettes) get used to functioning without the chemicals the cigarettes introduced into the system.  This is most commonly felt in the form of nausea…

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