The Great American Smoke-Out

Posted By: Staff | Nov 20 2014

Today is the Great American Smoke-Out!

The Great American Smoke-Out is designed to be a day for those who smoke to set as their quit date, and to try to go smoke free for a day to prove to themselves that quitting smoking is possible!  So smoke that last cigarette and make today the last day you ever smoked.

Here are 5 tips from the American Cancer Society (adapted by Leslie Barker) for quitting smoking:
1. Do A Memory Ditch - throw out anything nostalgic about smoking and avoid…

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A Pack A Day, Or A Ferrari?

Posted By: Staff | Nov 19 2014

You’d be surprised how much money you’d have laying around if you stopped spending it on cigarettes.  Most smokers spend $4.80 per pack of cigarettes and smoke 7 packs per week.  That’s an average of $33.60 per week, $140 per month, and $1,750 per year.  Just on cigarettes.  If you quit smoking, after 18 years you would have enough money to send a child to college ($34,000).  After 30 years, you would have more than $200,000 saved.  That’s enough to buy a ferrari!  This money you’d save is only…

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Choose Death or Breath

Posted By: Staff | Nov 18 2014

“In March of this year, I was diagnosed with CODP from smoking for 28 years.  The doctor told me that I had a chose between smoking or breathing.  I choose to breath and to live. I stayed in the hospital for seven days and came home and threw out all the cigarettes, ash trashes, aired the house out, had the carpets, drapes, upholstery cleaned, and then started drinking Quit Tea. And used E-cigarettes that are non tobacco-smoke free when the desire was too much. But as of March, it has been…

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The Three Causes of a Chewing Tobacco Addiction and How to Defeat It.

Posted By: Staff | Nov 13 2014

Chewing Tobacco is definitely not a harmless habit, in fact, it is a deadly and serious addiction that can claim victims as young as 18.  Chewing tobacco is the leading cause of oral (mouth) and throat cancer, and these cancers are hard to hide.  Those who have suffered from these types of cancer often have to have large portions of jaw bone, lips, and even the tongue removed.  These are disfiguring and serious surgeries. 
Most doctors agree that because of how quickly the body uses nicotine,…

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Snack On Fresh Fruits

Posted By: Staff | Nov 11 2014

“So that I won’t crave nicotine all day,  I try and wait as long as I can before having the first cigarette of the day. Since stress is usually the reason I have my first cigarette, I stay away from situations with people that I know will only cause me to get overwhelmed. And if I can’t avoid them….I remind myself of all the documentaries I’ve watched about the harmful effects of smoking - The many cancers, heart disease, yucky yellow teeth, gingivitis, wrinkles & so on.
And if all else…

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