Jumping Jacks

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Sep 9 2014

“If I want a cigarette, I make myself do 100 jumping jacks. I really don’t want one after that!”  Tip from: Allison E. | Murrayville, GA, USA

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Way To Go CVS!

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Sep 5 2014

CVS announced in February that they would stop selling all tobacco products starting in October of this year, they plan to implement this plan starting this Wednesday and hope and encourage other major pharmacy companies to follow in their footsteps.  There has been some research that shows that with convenient drug stores not offering tobacco products overall sales for these products decreases.  In addition to stopping sales of these products in their stores, CVS is also aiding with research…

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Quitting Smoking Causes Bowel Discomfort

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Sep 3 2014

Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt, for many who are quitting smoking, that means that their bodies have become dependent on many of the various chemicals found in cigarettes.  As the body adjusts to life without cigarettes there can be significant bowel discomfort as the intestines (which are especially vulnerable to the chemicals in cigarettes) get used to functioning without the chemicals the cigarettes introduced into the system.  This is most commonly felt in the form of nausea…

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Make Sure You’re Ready For Social Smoking Situations

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Sep 2 2014

“I got bitten in the butt when I thought I could go out drinking with my friends 1 month after quitting.  Bad move, inhibitions were down and people were smoking everywhere.  I ended up buying a pack from the bar and that was that.  It took me 9 months to attempt quitting again, starting this coming up Monday.  I would suggest successfully quitting for 6 months or so before you go out drinking.”  Lisa S. | Acworth, Georgia, USA

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WHO and CDC Statements About Ecigs

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Aug 28 2014

WHO Statement summary:
WHO is encouraging more rigid regulation related to e-cigarettes, especially given new evidence that they are being increasingly sold to minors.  They recommend taxation and price increases to decrease demand for the product and bans on advertising and illegal trading practices related to tobacco products. They also recommend an across the board ban of fruity and alcohol flavorings-as they have proven to be enticing to minors, and e-cigarettes available in vending…

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