Smoking in Car Dangerous for Passengers

Posted By: Staff | Dec 31 2014

Learning that smoking is dangerous isn’t surprising, but what may surprise you is that smoking in your car poses a significant danger to your passengers.  The WHO recommendations for safe levels of air pollution is less than 25 micrograms per cubic meter.  A study done by British Researchers in 2012 found that smoking inside a car, even with windows down and air conditioning on, average an air pollution level of 85, more than triple the safe levels.  Some cars studied measured levels as high as…

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Posted By: Staff | Dec 30 2014

“Placing a photo of my daughter on the cover of my packet helped me quit. Every time I would reach for a cigarette I would see her beautiful face. I want to see that face grow up!”  Lindsey J. | Springfield, Oregon, USA

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Merry Christmas!

Posted By: Staff | Dec 24 2014

Christmas Is For Sharing
By: Richard Warner

I knew that Homer had wanted canyon boots for as long as I could remember. He was eleven and I ten, and we had spent many nights under the blue quilts at the cabin talking about how great it would be to have some real boots–boots that would climb through thorny bushes, that would ward off rattlesnakes, and that would nudge the ribs of the pony; we had planned the kind of leather they should be, and what color they should be, and what kind of…

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Stop Thinking

Posted By: Staff | Dec 23 2014

“I think you should first relax your mind and think about when you didn’t smoke, and breathe in out. I prefer to just not to think about smoking, but that is crazy because it drives you crazy when trying to quit.  So keep trying this step over, and over to you get it right. Quitting smoking is like when you first tried to ride a bike, so just keep on trying and try some quit tea and relax your mind and go walk in your community and think how quitting smoking will make you feel healthy and…

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The Cigarette Relaxation Myth

Posted By: Staff | Dec 18 2014

Many smokers say that cigarettes are a way for them to relax when stressed.  However, the nicotine in cigarettes is both a sedative, and a stimulant.  So while it may feel like they are helping you relax, in reality, they are simply preventing the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing from worsening, which makes you feel better. 
Unfortunately, continuing to smoke is like scratching at an itch caused by a rash - the itching may make it feel better for a moment, but most likely you are just…

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