Go to Your “Happy Place”

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 11 2014

“Keep your mind occupied. You can only think of one thing at a time, so if you find yourself thinking of a smoke, for gods sake do something to get your mind off of it! Watch a good movie. Think of a nice sandy beach (with or without girls in bikinis). Concentrate on anything else other than smoking. Try it.. it worked for me!” Rebecca K. Morphettville, South Australia, AUS

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Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Thickens Arteries

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 6 2014

Researchers looked at more than 3,700 adults in Australia and Finland, and found that those exposed to secondhand smoke when they were children had thicker artery walls.

The walls of the neck arteries in those who grew up in homes where both parents smoked were an average of 0.015 millimeters thicker than in those whose parents did not smoke.

That means that exposure to secondhand smoke in childhood adds an extra 3.3 years to the age of an adult’s blood vessels, according to the authors of…

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Smoking may change structure of teens’ brains

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 4 2014

Young smokers who have smoked more cigarettes have clear differences in their brains compared to lighter smokers, according to a new study.

“Earlier studies of older participants showed that the smokers had structural differences in various brain regions,” said senior author Edythe D. London.

And in studies of adolescent animals, nicotine damaged and killed brain cells, added London, from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and the David Geffen School of Medicine…

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Leave a Note

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 4 2014

“What has been helping me a lot is gum and suckers but buy the sugar free ones so you don’t gain a lo of weight when trying to quit smoking, i also have found it helpful to leave notes all over my room of what my plan is and why so that i have constant reminds of what I’m doing and why I’m suffering through these cravings.” -Jaclyn A. | White City, Oregon, USA

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Smoking after cancer: Does it even matter?

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Feb 28 2014

Tobacco is linked to over 10 different types of cancer, especially lung, head and neck, bladder, esophagus and pancreatic cancers. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and over 60 carcinogens. Years of smoking leads to DNA damage that results in cancer.  It is well known that discontinuing tobacco use leads to major reductions in the risk of cancer. But it is not widely known that discontinuing tobacco and smoking improves outcomes in those diagnosed with cancer.

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