Chew Gum and Make a Doiley

Posted By: Staff | Oct 14 2014

“When I still smoked and I was sitting in the non-smoking section of a restaurant, I would take out a piece of gum and fold the wrapper up into a little doily which took about 7-8 minutes to make. My girlfriend said to me, ‘Why not do that every time you feel like you need a cigarette.’ After that I did and I haven’t smoked since. Every time I want to smoke I put a piece of gum in my mouth and fold the little paper. Its worked for about 6 months now and I feel great!”  James T. | Wisconsin,…

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Smoker May Have More Sleep Problems

Posted By: Staff | Oct 8 2014

A recent study cited that between 17-28 percent of smokers reported getting less than 6 hours of sleep and that their sleep was disturbed.  This is almost 10 percent higher than the average for those who do not smoke.  While the study could not definitively say that cigarette smoking is the specific cause of these sleep patterns, it is likely that the stimulatory effect of cigarettes would have an affect on the user’s ability to sleep.
The study accounted for differences in age, alcohol…

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Candy, Water, and Exercise: The Perfect Cure

Posted By: Staff | Oct 7 2014

“To quit smoking you need to find other ways to occupy your mouth and hands.  One of the best ways for me is sucking on Jolly Rancher candies, although this might not be great for your teeth, it sure does work.
I also find that drinking water or going for walks is really helpful.  The more you exercise and the better you feel about yourself, you will not want to stick crap into your body!  Do crossword puzzles or read books to occupy yourself.  If you have a cold/flu this is also a great time…

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How To Handle Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Oct 1 2014

Smoking is well known to be an appetite suppressor, therefore, gaining weight is very common when quitting smoking.  Average expected weight gain should be about 5-10 pounds.  But many people gain much more than this.  Here are some tips and tricks for minimizing weight gain and helping curve cravings!
The main reason for weight gain, is that when a craving occurs, food is often used as a substitute for a cigarette.  The increase in caloric intake causes weight gain.  So instead of reaching for…

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The Seduction of Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Sep 25 2014

The Seduction of Smoking

The Tobacco Industry is still booming, despite actions by countries the world over to drive the product out of the sales in their borders.  In 2012 the Tobacco Industry sold over three quarters of a trillion dollars in retail sales last year and over 50 billion of that was pure profit. 
Peter Taylor, a world renowned reporter, interviews the head of British American Tobacco who delivers a message that these products are dangerous at best, deadly at worst.  Taylor also looks into how the youth…

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