Maternal smoking tied to inhibition-related brain differences in kids

Posted By: Staff | May 15 2014

Smoking while pregnant may be linked to less control over inhibitions when the child is an adult, a new study that looked at brain scans suggests.

People whose mothers smoked during pregnancy had weaker responses in the regions of their brains known to be involved in inhibition control, compared to those whose mothers didn’t smoke, researchers found.

Inhibition control relates to how people keep their impulses in check and resist distractions in certain situations.

The brains of the 38…

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The Art of the Relapse

Posted By: Staff | May 14 2014

Guilt. Shame. Failure. How can one doughnut, a single puff of a cigarette or a measly missed workout have the power to stir up such strong emotions? If you’ve made a sincere pledge to stop eating junk food, to quit smoking or commit to a regular exercise program, these small events can feel like giant setbacks. You may take them as evidence of personal weakness, lack of will, a doomed effort or even a signal that you just aren’t cut out for self-improvement.  ...  On one hand, the word…

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Distract Yourself - Go See A Movie

Posted By: Staff | May 13 2014

“Do it on a weekday off from work. Don’t have that morning coffee and cigarette. Go to the earliest movie you can find. Buy lots of popcorn and see 2 or 3 movies. By the time you leave the movie theatre, you have gone through the worst hours of withdrawal.”  Anonymous | Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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If You’re Poor, ‘No Smoking in Public’ Now Means You Can’t Light Up at Home

Posted By: Staff | May 8 2014

Juia Leggett - a resident against smoking bans in Kansas City -

Smoking in public has long been passé, but lighting up in the comfort of your own home? Go for it—unless you’re poor and living in government housing. A new policy approved by the Kansas City Housing Authority will prohibit smoking in all publicly owned housing developments. Fans of individual rights and freedoms and smokers are none too pleased with the decision. 
Kansas City isn’t alone in implementing this kind of ban. Puffing on cigarettes on public housing property was first…

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An Honest Look at How Smoking Affects Everyone Around You

Posted By: Staff | May 7 2014

Perhaps you believe that your smoking habit is just YOUR problem. Did you ever stop to analyze why non-smokers are so outspoken about smoking in public? The secondhand smoke issue is highly charged and still debated. But there’s more to the issue of how your smoking affects other people. This article is an honest look—a chance for you to evaluate the impact your smoking has on everyone around you.

Developmental growth and birth weight in babies of smoking mothers is lower than babies of…

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