Quit the Current Crave

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Jan 29 2015

“My worst cravings always come right after I eat. One of the ways I overcome it is I immediately go clean something.. It does not matter what it is, as long as it takes at least 5 minutes. A craving only lasts a few minutes, and my motto is, “Do not think about quitting forever, instead think of it one craving at a time.” Every craving that you overcome is another win, and soon you will be crave free!”  Cheryl L. | Greenville, South Carolina, USA

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Quitting Smoking Timeline

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Jan 21 2015

You know that smoking is bad for your body, but what you may not know is how good it is for your body to quit smoking and that the longer you go without smoking the healthier your body becomes. Our latest video, “Quitting Smoking Timeline”, shows you just how fast your body can recover — even from years of smoking related damage.


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Money Jar

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Jan 20 2015

“When I decided to quit, it wasn’t easy to do. I had tried for almost a year. I started, then stopped, then started again.. and kept going like that until I figured out what worked for me. I made a jar that said ” Money I ‘would’ve’ spent on smoking “. As I watched the money grow, I realized that I had made the right choice. Set a goal for yourself, quit for yourself and others, and make a plan for what you’d like to use the money for. Your next vacation, could be virtually free.…

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Possible Nicotine Vaccine In Development

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Jan 16 2015

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) tried several years ago to develop a vaccine to help those trying to quit smoking.  They recently published a new study in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry explaining how their vaccine works and how it is different this time.  The basic idea of this vaccine is that it trains the brain to view nicotine as a disease, so the body builds an immunity against it.  While those trying to quit smoking will still experience withdrawal symptoms, but they will have a…

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What You Need To Know About Lung Cancer

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Jan 15 2015

Each year, more than 170,000 people in the United States learn that they have lung cancer.

Lung cancer often spreads to lymph nodes or other tissues in the chest (including the   other lung). In many cases, lung cancer also spreads to other organs of the body, such as   the bones, brain, or liver. Cancer that spreads is the same disease and has the same name   as the original (primary) cancer. In other words, lung cancer that spreads to the brain   (or another organ) is called metastatic lung…

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