The Cigarette Relaxation Myth

Posted By: Staff | Dec 18 2014

Many smokers say that cigarettes are a way for them to relax when stressed.  However, the nicotine in cigarettes is both a sedative, and a stimulant.  So while it may feel like they are helping you relax, in reality, they are simply preventing the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing from worsening, which makes you feel better. 
Unfortunately, continuing to smoke is like scratching at an itch caused by a rash - the itching may make it feel better for a moment, but most likely you are just…

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Just Breathe

Posted By: Staff | Dec 17 2014

“I would have to say breathing is the best tip you can give. For me, if I could just calmly breathe for the first 3 minutes, I was over the hump (for that episode and until the next). Just remember what you are trying to accomplish and for whom (hopefully yourself). Hope it helps.”  Keegan C. | Delray Beach, FL, USA

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Ice Age

Posted By: Staff | Dec 11 2014

“Instead of chewing gum or eating candy during cravings, I sucked on ice chips.  this really helped me because I tried eating candy but after a while I was full of sugar and still craving a cig, this way I didnt get full and I kept my mouth busy.”  Sarah R. | Anderson, CA, USA

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“You Said It Would Get Better,  It’s Just As Bad As The Day I Quit.”

Posted By: Staff | Nov 26 2014

Many people trying to stick with quitting smoking find that the symptoms they are experiencing are lasting longer than they expected - the urges, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, etc.  What most of them don’t understand, is that these symptoms have changed.  For the most part, the physical symptoms of actual nicotine and chemical withdrawal as a result of quitting smoking are over with after the first two weeks of your quit.  Most are gone even sooner than that.  But the psychological or…

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You Don’t Have To Quit Forever

Posted By: Staff | Nov 25 2014

“Don’t focus on “quitting smoking forever” - the whole process can seem really daunting that way. Celebrate the little victories; like smoke-free for an hour, then a day, then a week, etc. That way you’re less likely to feel disappointed or frustrated, and fall back into it.”  Jennifer L. | Calgary, Alberta, CA

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