The Easy Way Out

Posted By: Staff | Mar 5 2015

“The Easy Way Out!” - Joel Spitzer

Did you hear about the lady who went on two diets simultaneously to lose weight? Doing both at once she ate enough food to satisfy her appetite and figured she would lose weight twice as fast.

This humorous story illustrates a very serious point. Human nature dictates that we look for the easiest and least painful route to make necessary changes. Unfortunately, what often appears to be the easiest technique may not always be the best. If this lady really…

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Delay Your Next Cigarette

Posted By: Staff | Mar 4 2015

“I have smoked for 40 years and in my mind I never thought I could quit. my quit date was not set. in fact I bought a carton of cigarettes the night before. and I smoked as always while on my computer. I got up the next morning and as i was about to grab a cigarette I said to myself to wait until I have coffee. after my coffee I decided to wait until after I eat. I did this all day and to my surprise I got though the day without a cigarette. I did this the next day and the day after and I…

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Israeli Scientists Help Smokers Quit While Sleeping

Posted By: Staff | Feb 26 2015

Through smell stimulus association, smokers can change behavior and decrease cigarette addition.

The Weizmann Institute scientists sought to help smokers quit using “sleep-learning” by helping to reduce the amount of nicotine consumed.  They are utilizing a mix of bad smells: rotten eggs, fish, and cigarettes together, in order to change behavior while the patient is sleeping.  Smell is one of the only sensations that does not wake the patient, so bad smells can be used in a Pavlovian style learning technique during sleep that will retrain our minds.
In the experiment conducted by…

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Warning: Smoking Can Kill Your Sex Life

Posted By: Staff | Feb 25 2015

Men who smoke are more than 50% more likely to have trouble with impotence than men who don’t smoke.  Because nicotine acts as a vasoconstrictor is actually makes blood travel less easily through blood vessels which can lead to trouble getting or maintaining an erection.  Nicotine also lowers testosterone and other hormone levels which can lead to lower libido and also contribute to erectile dysfunction.
Men aren’t alone, women who smoke may have more difficultly achieving an orgasm.  The…

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Crafty Ladies

Posted By: Staff | Feb 24 2015

“I find while quitting smoking, that if I keep busy doing crafts, my mind and hands are too occupied to smoke.” Lucinda M. | Brewer, ME, USA

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