Smoking Rates Increase in Asian and Latino Immigrants

Posted By: Staff | Aug 14 2014

A recent study states that Latino American immigrant men smoke at twice the rate of the Latino men living outside of the United States. The same trend is true for Latino Women, and Chinese Americans.  Some of this may be attributed to lower smoking stigmas in the US, or to the stresses of trying to assimilate to US culture and starting a new life.  The study also states that immigrants who have assimilated well into the US culture, through learning English well, gaining citizenship, and having…

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Overview: Smoking Cessation

Posted By: Staff | Aug 13 2014

The smoking cessation guideline challenges clinicians — physicians and other health care providers — to aggressively motivate and help their patients who smoke to quit. The guideline makes specific recommendations about how clinicians can identify smokers, repeatedly encourage them to quit, and offer treatments that have been proven to work.

The guideline found three treatment elements were particularly effective, used either alone or together, in helping smokers quit. They are:


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Don’t Quit Smoking, Quit the Current Crave

Posted By: Staff | Aug 5 2014

“My worst cravings always come right after I eat. One of the ways I overcome it is I immediately go clean something.. It does not matter what it is, as long as it takes at least 5 minutes. A craving only lasts a few minutes, and my motto is, ‘Do not think about quitting forever, instead think of it one craving at a time.’ Every craving that you overcome is another win, and soon you will be crave free!”  Cheryl L. | Greenville, South Carolina, USA

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Knit to Quit

Posted By: Staff | Jul 8 2014

“When I quit smoking 5 years ago, the biggest problem I faced was what to do with my hands. In the evenings after work…sitting on the couch…watching TV…talking on the phone…these were the times that I usually lit up. A friend taught me to knit (I am not a huge knitting fan but it worked!) It kept my hands busy and my mind distracted. I knitted a blanket that could cover a family of four and I am smoke-free!”  Angie B. | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Tobacco Companies Have Made Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever

Posted By: Staff | Jul 3 2014

Since the 1960s, when the first Surgeon General’s warning about cigarettes and tobacco products was issued, cigarettes have become likely to cause: cancer, COPD, and other diseases than ever before.  This is due to an increased amount of TSNAs (Tobacco Specific NitroSamines), which are chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. 
This is not the only change to the cigarette that is causing problems for smokers.  Cigarette companies have added holes to the filters of cigarettes - which is…

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