10 Foods To Help You Quit

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 12 2015

Quitting smoking can be difficult, between the nicotine addiction and ritual of smoking breaks, it can seem daunting to even attempt.  But according to The Daily Meal, there are 10 foods that may help!
1. Ginseng - it is believed that ginseng may actually block the effectiveness of smoking which may make them less enjoyable and help you cut back without much suffering.
2. Milk - a Duke study found that participants who drank a glass of milk prior to smoking found the taste of the cigarette to…

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Words Of Wisdom Part 1

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 11 2015

Where does wisdom come from, and how do we acquire it.  There are many who are born with an innate wisdom, but for most of us, we gain wisdom through experiences.  Some good, and some bad.  But we don’t always have to learn the hard way.  Here are some quotes to help you gain wisdom related to quitting tobacco use.

“A superior man is the one who is free from fear and anxieties.” - Confucius
Don’t be afraid to quit. Don’t worry about failure or weight gain. Worry doesn’t help you…

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Sunflower Seeds

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 10 2015

“This is how I quit after nineteen years of smoking. I used Chantix to help me quit. Chantix is a drug doctor’s prescribe to suppress nicotine cravings.  To break the habit part…I eat sunflower seeds. Eat the ones in the shell because then it takes you like 2 minutes to pick it open and eat one.”  Amy | Milford, Ohio

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Quitting Smoking Boosts Metabolism

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 6 2015

Credit: Vera Kratochvil/public domain

Theodore C. Friedman, MS, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Internal Medicine of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, California was the principle investigator of a poster presented at ENDO 2015.  The poster describes a study done to studying the metabolic effects of quitting smoking. 
Weight gain is one of the major concerns for most people considering quitting smoking.  This study showed that while there was an initial weight gain when quitting smoking,…

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The Easy Way Out

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Mar 5 2015

“The Easy Way Out!” - Joel Spitzer

Did you hear about the lady who went on two diets simultaneously to lose weight? Doing both at once she ate enough food to satisfy her appetite and figured she would lose weight twice as fast.

This humorous story illustrates a very serious point. Human nature dictates that we look for the easiest and least painful route to make necessary changes. Unfortunately, what often appears to be the easiest technique may not always be the best. If this lady really…

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