The Cigarette Relaxation Myth

Posted By: Staff | Dec 18 2014

Many smokers say that cigarettes are a way for them to relax when stressed.  However, the nicotine in cigarettes is both a sedative, and a stimulant.  So while it may feel like they are helping you relax, in reality, they are simply preventing the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing from worsening, which makes you feel better. 
Unfortunately, continuing to smoke is like scratching at an itch caused by a rash - the itching may make it feel better for a moment, but most likely you are just spreading the rash and making the problem worse.
The best way to deal with stress is to find another coping mechanism, preferably a healthy one!  Try exercising, walking, cooking, deep breathing, meditating, yoga, or anything you find enjoyable.  Remember, everyone has stresses in their lives, but almost 80% of Americans cope with these without smoking!  You can do it too!

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