As Cigarette Prices Go Up, Heavy Smoking Goes Down

Posted By: Staff | Dec 12 2012

Addicts and their money... a constant Roller Coaster

Despite the belief of many that heavy smokers would be most resistant to price increases on cigarettes, a study of about 7,000 smokers from the Washington University in St. Louis, they found something different. “On average, everyone was smoking a little less,” says Cavazos-Rehg.

“But when we factored in price changes from tax increases, we found that the heaviest smokers responded to price increases by cutting back the most.”

When the price was raised, heavy smokers cut back their intake by 14 cigarettes a day, from the previous 2 pack routine. However, smokers who only smoked 1 pack a day only cut down cigarettes by a rather small 15%. Unfortunately, reducing smoking does not prove striking health benefits. But, if cutting back helps an addict quit eventually, it’s all worth it.

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