How to Handle Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Apr 2 2014

Weight gain is a common side effect of quitting smoking. Typical weight gain is 5 to 10 pounds, but can be more. Although common, weight gain is not inevitable. ... The combination of increased food consumption, reduced calories burned and little or no exercise creates the common situation causing weight gain when you quit smoking.  ... Like any other challenges in a quit smoking plan, or life in general, some willpower is required. Eating a piece of fruit or vegetable like carrots is an easy way to hold off the cigarette cravings. Just make sure to balance out the extra calories by reducing food intake somewhere else. Be careful to limit large amounts of high calorie foods as you try to find substitutes for cigarettes. You may find careful dieting particularly difficult the first few days after you quit, as the your body flushes out the chemicals introduced by smoking. That’s a good time to focus on your new diet and exercise plan. It’s short enough that only modest weight gain is likely.

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