If You’re Poor, ‘No Smoking in Public’ Now Means You Can’t Light Up at Home

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | May 8 2014

Juia Leggett - a resident against smoking bans in Kansas City - http://www.kansascity.com/2014/05/07/5009328/kc-could-show-natio

Smoking in public has long been passé, but lighting up in the comfort of your own home? Go for it—unless you’re poor and living in government housing. A new policy approved by the Kansas City Housing Authority will prohibit smoking in all publicly owned housing developments. Fans of individual rights and freedoms and smokers are none too pleased with the decision. 
Kansas City isn’t alone in implementing this kind of ban. Puffing on cigarettes on public housing property was first outlawed in 2004 in Auburn, Maine. Two years later, Maine became the first state to ban smoking in all of its public housing units. Now the prohibition is in effect in Boston, Detroit, Houston, and about a dozen other cities. The Kansas City ban has its roots in a 2012 fire started by a smoker who dropped a cigarette. It set the resident’s building ablaze, displacing him and eight other people. The damage cost the housing authority $250,000.
Public housing is a federally subsidized benefit, and we can implement reasonable rules,” Lowndes said. “The health piece is the most important. The smoker here is impacting the nonsmoker here.”
What will happen to folks who can’t quit? How Kansas City polices the ban remains to be seen, but if residents are caught smoking, it will be treated as a lease violation. Three strikes and a rental agreement could be terminated.

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