Meditation: Clear Your Mind Completely

Posted By: Staff | Jun 10 2014

“I smoked for 4 years and am finally quitting for good. I found the best thing to have is self-control, and meditation is a great place to start. Find a quiet place and stretch your whole body, head to toe. Put on soft music, headphones would work best to keep outside traffic noise and other distractions out. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and begin to drift into calmness. I know its hard at first to completely clear your mind of all thoughts, but keep practicing, not forcing thoughts out (that tends to make them force back in) but gently push thoughts away. You’ll be able to clear your mind completely eventually. Do this for a few minutes a day and your focus and patience will grow, making it so much easier to face stressful situations in times of cravings. Good luck… You know that you can do it!”  Sage | Pueblo, Colorado, USA

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