The Great American Smoke-Out

Posted By: Staff | Nov 20 2014

Today is the Great American Smoke-Out!

The Great American Smoke-Out is designed to be a day for those who smoke to set as their quit date, and to try to go smoke free for a day to prove to themselves that quitting smoking is possible!  So smoke that last cigarette and make today the last day you ever smoked.

Here are 5 tips from the American Cancer Society (adapted by Leslie Barker) for quitting smoking:
1. Do A Memory Ditch - throw out anything nostalgic about smoking and avoid places/triggers as best as you can to avoid the temptation to smoke again.
2. No More Smoker’s Lounge - avoid places where other smokers will be, remember out of sight is out of mind!
3. Distract Yourself - when you feel a craving or an urge to smoke, find an activity or exercise to do that distracts you from that craving until it is over.  Take a walk around the block, knit another row on a scarf or blanket, suck on a lollipop, or take up cooking!  Whatever it is that will keep you distracted will work, so find something that appeals to you!
4. Shout It Out - tell those around you that you are quitting, you’ll need support and accountability!
5. You are not alone - there are literally millions of Americans who smoke, and a large portion of them want to quit or are trying to quit.  Find someone to work with, look for support groups or forums online, and trust that this can be done, and it can be done by you!

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