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Chantix or Champix is a popular medication used to help quit smoking.  It works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain which, for most patients, results in reduced cravings and urges.  This occurs because when the nicotine receptors are blocked, when smoking takes place, there is no release of dopamine (a chemical in the brain that makes one feel pleasure).  If the brain does not release that chemical while smoking, the benefit of smoking is gone and the desire to smoke is lessened.  In some studies of the product, as many as 44% of the patients were able to quit smoking for the duration of the study.  And patients who had used Chantix in the studies were more likely to still be smoke free at the 40 week follow up. 
There are some side affects associated with Chantix, as will all prescription medications.  Most are common side affects, like: nausea, head ache, sleep changes or difficulties, constipation and gassiness.  But there are more severe side affects that have been reported as well, such as: depression, suicidal thoughts, and behavioral changes.  These symptoms need to be closely monitored by the prescribing doctor.  There are also other aspects that need to be considered before using chantix, other quit smoking aids cannot be used in combination with this product, pregnant women may not be able to use the product, and those with kidney or liver problems should discuss those issues with their doctors before beginning to use Chantix.
While the information regarding Chantix is encouraging, it is not a magic pill.  It will not force you to quit smoking, nor will it solve all of the withdrawal symptoms or make quitting easy.  But it can help and has shown to be somewhat successful.  If you are considering using this product to quit smoking, discuss your options with your doctor, and remember, the most important aspect to quitting and staying quit is deciding for yourself that you can and will not smoking and never start again.

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