Smoking Mother’s Babies Grow More Slowly

Posted By: Staff | Apr 1 2015

Smoking Mother's Embryo Compared 4 Hours Behind Non Smoking Mother's Embryo

Babies born to mothers who smoke, and especially mothers who smoked during the pregnancy, are known to have lower birth weights and other developmental problems, perhaps this can be attributed to one IVF clinic’s findings in France.  This clinic took photographs of two embryos from the moment of conception until they were ready for implantation.  They found that the embryos of mothers who smoked were consistently several hours behind the others developmentally.  Being hours behind may not seem to be a big deal, but when talking about a life only a couple days long - it can make a significant difference. 
In fact, the doctor’s at the IVF clinic strongly urge all women at their clinic to quit smoking prior to becoming pregnant in order to prevent developmental delays and other issues with their embryos.  Smoking can actually reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant, and some doctors speculated that the slower development of the embryos could lead to implantation problems and having IVF not being successful.

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