Stress and Smoking

Posted By: Staff | Apr 16 2014

Make sure you understand your stress. Know what causes it (phone calls, slow traffic, a demanding boss, etc.) and learn ways to avoid the causes or at least deal with them in a way that reduces the stress normally associated with the cause. Know how you react when you are stressed. Some people don’t realize they are stressed until they have reached the boiling point. Common indicators of stress include feeling sick to your stomach, headaches, excessive sweat, irritability, overeating and, of course, smoking. Watch for the signs that you are stressed so you can act to reduce the stress once you recognize it.
Part of the stress relief techniques you currently employ is your regular smoking breaks. The simple act of getting away from your work is a great stress reliever. You can still take your smoking break, just do it without smoking and don’t take your break with other smokers! Go for a short walk, walk up and down a flight of stairs, clean out your car, clean out your desk, etc. etc. There are a million diversions that can take you out of your stressful situation long enough for you to get your wits back. Make a list of smoking-break alternatives that you can do when you need a diversion.

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