The Case for Banning Cigarettes Entirely, Forever

Posted By: Staff | Jun 25 2014

The British Medical Association recently voted to ban anyone born after the year 2000 from buying cigarettes, ever.  This ban is part of a greater plan to reduce overall smoking by the year 2025. The author for the British Medical Association stated: “Cigarette smoking is specifically a choice made by children that results in addiction in adulthood,” this seems to be the underlying issue these public health officials are trying to solve.  However, there are several concerns related to this system, prohibition in and of itself has many social implications and potentially a black market system that could arise.  The other issue is related to the specificity of the time cut off, there will be groups of peers where some will have access to buying cigarettes while others cannot.  Dealing with this issues will be an on-going ordeal, however, the hope is that by reducing the number of children capable of beginning to buy and smoke cigarettes the overall number of new smokers will decrease enough that the problem will solve itself.

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