The Cigarette Relaxation Myth

Posted By: Staff | Mar 19 2014

You say you smoke to relax, but having a smoke is more like scratching a persistent itch. If you have ever had poison ivy, or some other skin rash, you know how good it felt to scratch the itch. But guess what? Your scratching didn’t make the rash go away. In fact it may have made the problem worse, spreading the rash further.

Yes, you felt relief when you scratched, but the itch remained. What you were truly seeking was a body without any itching and no rash whatsoever! It felt good to scratch the rash, but having the rash definitely did not improve the quality of your life.

When you get your hit of nicotine, you scratch the itch, but your addiction remains. You only feel relaxed, or temporary relief from your addiction, not relief from the stress in your life. Nicotine stimulates your central nervous system and unleashes a host of chemical reactions in your body. Many of these are perceived as pleasurable and positive.

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