The Cost of Smoking (It’s More Than You Think!)

Posted By: Staff | Aug 27 2014

The true cost of smoking cigarettes costs so much more than just the cost for the cigarettes.  If you pay $3 per pack, and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, that is a total of $1095 a year.  But let’s consider the other costs!  It takes gas to get to the store, let’s say it costs $1 every time you drive to the store to get your smokes, that could cost as much as $122, just on gas to get your cigarettes.  Smokers pay higher health insurance and life insurance rates, as much as 20% higher for health, and double for life.  This leads to an average of over $880 a year just in extra insurance costs.  One cost that is harder to evaluate, is the depreciation of objects owned by smokers - cars, carpets, furniture, etc.  These items are worth considerably less if they smell like cigarette smoke.  Another cost that is difficult to measure is the legal discrimination of smokers - it is harder to get hired, get a promotion, or get a raise if you are a smoker - if you are making less money now, that means less money for retirement and social security payments in the future!
So considering the money spent on cigarettes, gas, insurance, and reduced salary - smoking could actually be costing you as much as $3097 - $7097 a year!  That does not include the depreciation of assets which could be over $10,000 lost.

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