Tobacco Companies Have Made Cigarettes Deadlier Than Ever

Posted By: Staff | Jul 3 2014

Since the 1960s, when the first Surgeon General’s warning about cigarettes and tobacco products was issued, cigarettes have become likely to cause: cancer, COPD, and other diseases than ever before.  This is due to an increased amount of TSNAs (Tobacco Specific NitroSamines), which are chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. 
This is not the only change to the cigarette that is causing problems for smokers.  Cigarette companies have added holes to the filters of cigarettes - which is supposed to ventilate and reduce the amount of carcinogenic material smokers inhale - however, these holes have actually changed the way people smoke cigarettes.  In order to smoke with these holes, the smoker must take more breathes more often and breathe more deeply which causes more smoke to be inhaled than before.  The addition of flavorings, sugar, higher levels nicotine, and ammonia are meant to increase the appeal of cigarettes to younger populations is also being employed, these additions also make cigarettes more addictive than ever. 
Smoking kills over 480,000 Americans every year and has been proven to lower life expectancy by at least 10 years.  Smokers have a 50% chance of dying prematurely and health care for those with smoking related illnesses costs the US more than 289 billion dollars every year. 
The changes employed by these tobacco companies and the FDA’s inability to require these companies to more obviously label the health hazards, continue to make smoking cigarettes an appealing thing for today’s youth.

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