WHO and CDC Statements About Ecigs

Posted By: QuitSmoking.com Staff | Aug 28 2014

WHO Statement summary:
WHO is encouraging more rigid regulation related to e-cigarettes, especially given new evidence that they are being increasingly sold to minors.  They recommend taxation and price increases to decrease demand for the product and bans on advertising and illegal trading practices related to tobacco products. They also recommend an across the board ban of fruity and alcohol flavorings-as they have proven to be enticing to minors, and e-cigarettes available in vending machines.  With over 460 different brands and types of e-cigarettes, they pose a “threat to tobacco control” especially without regulation of claims of safety that are currently being made.  WHO does not recommend the use of e-cigarettes in any situation, but rather recommends the use of approved and proven methods that are also on the market.  Recent studies have shown that e-cigarettes produce more than water vapor and do pose a significant threat to adolescents, fetuses, and pregnant women. 
CDC Statement Summary:
In the last 3 years the number of adolescents using e-cigarettes has grown to over 250,000, on top of that statistic, research has shown that youth who use e-cigarettes are more than twice as likely to try conventional cigarettes in the next year when compared to those who have not used these products.  The CDC considers the growing e-cigarette market to be dangerous - and may even cause a reverse in all the progress made toward reducing tobacco consumption that has been made in the last several decades.  Within the next year, over 43% of non-smoking youth who have used e-cigarettes plan to switch to conventional cigarettes, while less than 22% of non-smoking youth without using e-cigarettes plan to try.

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