Quit Smoking Programs

Some people can quit smoking without difficulty.

They put their cigarette down, decide that’s the last one, and they never look back.

Unfortunately, those people are the exception. The majority of smokers require multiple attempts to quit, and a large percentage never quit.

Why not?

The simple answer is that they don’t have a proven system or quit smoking program to follow, and they lack support from the people in their lives.

If you see yourself in that group, you might feel like quitting smoking is next to impossible. Your previous attempts ended in failure, and that made you feel like you would never be able to get cigarettes out of your life.

And to make matters worse, your spouse or friends can’t understand what it’s like, so they offer no support, or even berate you because you failed once again.

That’s a rotten place to be!

But you are not in a hopeless situation.

Millions, yes, MILLIONS of people have quit smoking! The key is that you need a proven system that you can follow, step-by-step. You need a quit smoking program.

The most amazing, delicious dishes, cooked in the most expensive restaurants don’t require an expert chef to make them. The truth is, anyone can cook those dishes with the combination of the right cooking tools, the finest ingredients and, of course, the right recipe. Sure, you might need some help with cooking techniques, but if the recipe gave you step-by-step instructions, you could make just about any dish in the world, couldn’t you?

Quitting smoking is no different. With the right recipe (step-by-step directions that are proven by countless smokers who quit successfully) you CAN quit smoking. That’s what a successful quit smoking program is—the right recipe to make quitting smoking as simple as cooking a piece of toast.

And what about support? What if you had weekly phone calls with an expert to answer your questions and help you deal with the trouble spots in the “recipe”?

Wouldn’t this make ending your smoking habit simple, easy and nearly painless?

Recently, I became friends with a man who has already changed the lives of many people and sacrificed everything to help smokers quit. After quitting smoking himself, selling his business, selling his home, and touring North America researching addiction, he published a quit smoking book and has now started a program to make quitting smoking as easy as following a recipe.

And perhaps the best aspect of his program is that you lose the desire to smoke while you’re still smoking.

This recipe for success prepares you step-by-step. Better said, this program will take those tiny thoughts of becoming smoke-free and magnify them into a reality for you.

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