Start a Quit Smoking Diary at —By Fred H. Kelley

Some people might say diaries are for “wimps” or for teenage girls. But many famous and influential leaders, male and female alike, kept diaries throughout their lives. If you don’t like the word “diary” then call it a “journal” or a “record.”

What’s the point of keeping a diary? A diary is a record, but it’s also an outlet, a work in progress, a search for a solution, an expression of oneself, plus so much more. Every diary is unique and provides its author with a benefit as individual as the words it contains. provides a smoker with a place to record thoughts, feelings, frustrations, hopes, goals, triumphs or whatever might be on the mind of a smoker. If you are contemplating quitting smoking, be sure to start your own diary. It’s anonymous and you choose if it is private or public.

While there is no right or wrong way to keep a quit smoking diary, here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

First, remember that this is YOUR diary. You’re not being graded. You won’t fail a grade in school if your punctuation is poor or your grammar is lacking. No one is looking over your shoulder as you write your diary. If you choose to, you may share your diary with other visitors to the web site, but you remain anonymous.

You set the pace and schedule for making entries in your diary. You could make 10 per day or one per week.

You decide WHY you make a new entry in your diary. Perhaps you make a new entry whenever you get a bad craving. Instead of lighting your next cigarette, how about writing in your diary? Discuss how you are feeling. Describe your cravings. How do you get through it? What do you have to tell yourself to overcome the cravings? Remember that you can refer back to this later to gain strength and insight. If your diary is public, your entries can also help so many other smokers who need guidance on how to quit.

Record your goals for quitting. Track the number of cigarettes you smoke, and the times you smoke them. Track the reasons why you smoke. What triggers a craving? Discuss the role your family plays in your smoking. Do your kids hate it when you light up? Does your spouse still smoke even though you are trying to quit? Put this down in your diary. Pour it out.

Keeping a diary can be a cathartic experience. You’ll probably learn things about yourself that you never knew, once you let the words flow out. Seek answers to why you smoke. Search for answers by releasing your thoughts.

Your diary entries don’t have to revolve completely around smoking and quitting. Smoking is so tightly interwoven in all areas of your life. Record your life and you’ll probably learn about your smoking habit. Make entries about anything and everything!

By sharing your diary publicly, you’ll also be able to receive feedback from other visitors to the web site. Your diary entries, if made public, can be read by any one of hundreds of visitors to your diary. The readers can also respond to your diary with simple feedback. Learn from the collective experience of these other smokers.

Spend some time reading the diaries of other smokers. You’ll quickly learn that you are not alone in your quest to quit smoking. Millions of smokers around the world are trying right now to break the bond cigarettes have on them. The experience that you and they will go through will be very similar. Learn from their stories, tips, heartbreaks and exciting victories.

A diary is a great way to express your true self. You can be totally honest with your diary. Overcoming the smoking addiction requires a tremendous amount of honest self-appraisal and honest self-talk.

A diary is also a lot of fun, if you’ll let it be fun. In this prepackaged, fast food, couch potato, 500 channel world, we need creative outlets. Instead of letting the world happen to you, start happening to it. The joy and excitement that you can derive from expressing yourself is worth all the effort.

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