Stop Smoking: The Essential Stop Smoking Tips

The Essential Stop Smoking Tips

If you are a smoker who is trying to stop smoking after years of puffing on cigarettes, you can make stopping easier by following some simple tips:

Throw out all cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc. Remove the implements of your smoking habit so the temptation is reduced, and to make it more difficult to smoke again.

Plan some distractions for yourself. When you stop smoking, you are dramatically altering your normal daily activities. You’ll have extra time that you used to spend smoking. Make sure you have something to occupy the former smoking periods. If you normally smoke after meals, plan to do something else like work on a puzzle, walk for 10 minutes, read a book, etc.

Stay away from other smokers. Your smoking buddies at work probably don’t want you to stop smoking because they may miss your company, and they will probably feel guilty about their own smoking weakness. They’ll try to pull you back in to smoking, if you give them a chance. Don’t. Make a clean break from other smokers. Stay away from bars, smoking sections in restaurants, and other places you could be exposed to smoke and other smokers.

Get plenty of rest. You may feel tired after you stop. That’s normal for many people who stop smoking. Don’t fight it. Get extra sleep and allow your body to do the work it needs to begin rebuilding itself.

Drink lots of water. Water is essential to life. Water flushes and cleans the body. Make sure your body has plenty of water to get the nicotine and toxins flushed from your system. Drinking water can also help satisfy oral cravings you may have after you cut out the cigarettes.

Pick a stop smoking aid that will help make the smoking cessation process easier. Here are several items that can help:


      Super Stop


Super Stop Cigarette Filters - In case you are not ready to stop smoking, use these filters to remove tar and nicotine from your cigarettes.Stop-It Smoking® is a nicotine-free quit smoking lozenge and tablet. Formulated with the most well known and researched natural ingredients, it helps with cravings, detoxifying the body of nicotine and minimizing       withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, stress, irritability and nervous       tension. Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking - Over 6 million copies sold because his method works.




Zero Nicotine patches help you quit smoking without putting more nicotine into your body.Quit smoking with the precision and simplicity of a computer. Let the Smokeless Counter help you count down to zero cigarettes!Get the 3-part SmokeRx smokers support program and quit smoking without putting more nicotine in your body.
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