“Top 10 signs you may be smoking too much.”

“Top 10 signs you may be smoking too much.”

10. Your cat has taken to wearing “The Patch”

9. Your family uses fog horns to navigate around you.

8. 8 out of 10 visitors to your home have gotten lung cancer.

7. Just watching the 400 metre race during the Sydney Olympics makes you tired.

6. The local iron lung dealer sends you their product brochures.

5. Phillip Morris sends you their annual report and thanks you for your help.

4. You recently read somewhere that your former cigarette manufacturer went out of business shortly after you switched to a new brand.

3.Your doctor [excitedly] asks for your permission to use your lung x-rays at his next “Quit Smoking” seminar.

2.You take baths because the shower puts ‘em out

and the #1 sign you may be smoking too much…

1. Your nickname at work is “Breakroom.”

The Top 10 Authors:

  • Cate - 1
  • Bob Owczarek - 2
  • JorieZ - 3, 4
  • Lance Jilbert - 5
  • Eric Maietta - 6
  • J. House - 7
  • Karen Denning - 8
  • Tricia - 9, 10

There were many great entries. Congratulations to the winners!

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