Whoopi Goldberg is Quitting Smoking on The View

Whoopi Goldberg, the newest cast member of the ABC TV show, The View, is on a quest to quit smoking. She recently announced that she plans to kick the smoking habit, and she’s doing it on national television. She’ll be sharing her smoking history, and her reasons for quitting. Through a weekly segment on the show, called Whoopi’s Kickin’ Butts, Whoopi will examine different ways to stop smoking, and she’ll choose a smoking cessation method that she will be using for her own campaign to quit.

As Whoopi progresses, we’ll all get to see what, if any struggles she has and how she deals with them. The View will examine public service announcements (PSAs) to see if they help reduce smoking. They’ll also look at what smoking does to the body. Finally, we’ll get to see how Whoopi is doing a month after she began, as the rest of the country is quitting for The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout on November 15, 2007.

QuitSmoking.com was privileged to be contacted by The View and we provided them with some products for Whoopi to consider using. Here are those products:

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Good Luck Whoopi!

Update: October 29, 2007

Today, Whoopi appeared with Dr. Steven Lamm, Medical Editor at Best Life Magazine. They discussed different options and products to help Whoopi to quit smoking, including nicotine gum and patches, Chantix and Zyban, herbal pills. The products you see above were also on the table, but they appeared to be running out of time, and didn’t discuss these options.

Whoopi chose to try a prescription medication, Wellbutrin, also known as Zyban.

Whoopi announced that her quit smoking date would be December 15. When taking Zyban, you don’t actually quit smoking when you first take the pills. So she’ll have a month and a half to start taking the pills, allow them to work, and prepare herself mentally.

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