Quit Smoking Articles & Videos

Aug 29, 2012 Teen Smokers Show Early Signs of Heart Disease
Aug 27, 2012 Exercise may temporarily ease cigarette cravings: study
Aug 22, 2012 Kids’ Coughs a Casualty of Parental Smoking
Aug 20, 2012 Smoking during pregnancy linked with asthma in children
Aug 17, 2012 Smoking Habits In Poorer Countries Are ‘Alarming’
Aug 15, 2012 Tobacco use, especially among young people, is higher in rural areas
Aug 13, 2012 Brain shrinks, stroke risk rises in smokers
Aug 10, 2012 Study finds slowing drop in youth tobacco use
Aug 08, 2012 Tobacco companies fight to keep smoke in our eyes—and lungs
Aug 06, 2012 Smoking is bad for you and your pets
Aug 02, 2012 For Teenage Smokers, Removing the Allure of the Pack
Jul 30, 2012 Brains of teens who smoke cigarettes reveal early signs of addiction
Jul 26, 2012 How to Fearlessly Quit Smoking
Jul 25, 2012 Childhood Abuse & Adult Smoking
Jul 20, 2012 Smoking still more dangerous than obesity
Jul 18, 2012 Invisible health villain for children: Thirdhand smoke
Jul 17, 2012 Media campaigns encouraging tobacco users to stop
Jul 12, 2012 The Next Steps in the Smoke-Free Air Movement
Jul 10, 2012 Watching Smoking in Both PG-13 and R-Rated Movies Linked to Teen Smoking
Jul 05, 2012 Smoking mothers’ embryos grow more slowly
Jul 03, 2012 ‘Truth’ campaign is reducing smoking
Jul 02, 2012 Smoking ban takes effect today in Indiana
Jun 29, 2012 Rare sleep disorder that causes violent kicking and punching tied to smoking
Jun 28, 2012 Hope for Quitters? Scientists Devise a New Nicotine Vaccine
Jun 27, 2012 Women’s lung cancer deaths up in South and Midwest