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The Natural Way to Stop Smoking

buy-nowIf you are like most most people who ended up here, you have tried to quit smoking at least five time, and you are frustrated. You want to know how to quit smoking. You think you have tried everything to kick the habit, and you can’t seem to quit. Well mostly like every time before you have only replaced the addiction, not the habit. You need a good alternative.

Quit Tea is a simple blend of herbs and spices that is intended to help smokers replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea, the key to long term success. The herbs help relieve stress and promote relaxation to temporarily support the willpower to give up smoking. Quit Tea is also intended to suppress appetite, and help improve lung function.

Stop Smoking – Start Sipping

Using Quit Tea is easy and effective. Whenever you feel the need to smoke, drink a cup of Quit Tea. The herbs will help you get past the cravings, improve your lung health, detox your body, increase energy, and distract your taste buds. If you stick with Quit Tea for at least 9 weeks as part of your smoking cessation plan, you will be well on your way to living smoke free.

If you have always wanted to figure out how to quit smoking, please give this simple herbal tea blend a try. It has all the right natural ingredients to help reduce anxiety and stress, suppress appetite to reduce weight gain common with quitting smoking, detoxify the body, and improve lung function. Try Quit Tea and stop smoking naturally.

Over 125,000 people have already tried Quit Tea. Get started creating your new healthy, attractive habit, and lifestyle!

The Best Way To Quit Smoking Naturally

Quit Tea is a natural stop smoking aid that helps a wide range of the problems associated with quitting smoking. It helps by reducing anxiety and stress common with nicotine withdrawal, suppressing appetite to reduce post quitting weight gain, detoxifying the body, and improving lung function. Most importantly, Quit Tea is the best way to quit smoking because it helps break the psychological addiction to cigarettes by replacing the habit of smoking, the key to long term quitting success. Quit Tea has shown to be effective, and is recommended by smoking cessation professionals.

In an informal trial of 65 smokers over a 9 week period, Quit Tea was successful in helping 17% of participants quit smoking – comparable to other smoking cessation aids long term success rates. It also received a high common response: 59% said drinking Quit Tea made them feel “relaxed,” and 65% thought Quit Tea was either “effective” or “very effective” as a smoking cessation aid. You can learn a little more about the trial and read feed back from people who have used Quit Tea to finally start living smoke free here on our Quit Tea Reviews and Results Page.

Quit Tea Helps…

  • Reduce Anxiety & Relieve Stress
  • Suppress Appetite & Increase Energy
  • Detox Body & Lungs
  • Replace The Habit Of Smoking

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The Quit Tea Difference

Quit Tea is unique in that it blends all of the herbs and spices that are known to address each and every aspect of smoking cessation; that includes nicotine withdrawal symptoms like nervousness and anxiety, it helps suppress your appetite, detoxify your blood, improve lung function, and make smoking less pleasant by desensitizing your taste receptors. Quit Tea does all this while providing a replacement habit, something to recondition your addiction from something disgusting and bad for you, to something good for you!

If you are comparing Quit Tea to pharmaceutical products that difference is easy to understand. Most pharmaceutical options are nicotine replacement, and Quit Tea does not contain any nicotine. People that use nicotine replacement, like the patch or gum, often remain hooked on nicotine, even after they have stop smoking completely. The remaining physical addiction makes someone more susceptible to pick up the habit again. Also, when a smoker were to begin tapering off the nicotine replacement product, they would experience a long, drawn out period of nicotine withdrawal. The success rates with NRT are as low as 6% for these reasons.

In comparison to most natural or homeopathic remedies for smoking cessation, Quit Tea is the best way to quit smoking naturally because it does not contain lobelia. Lobelia is a herb with similar properties as tobacco and so is a substitute that can be potentially toxic. It is one of the more popular ingredients in natural smoking cessation aids and is taken in capsule form. It should not be taken by pregnant women and should not be over used. The other problem with a pill form of natural remedies is that the habit of smoking is not replaced.

There are other teas for smoking cessation available, although often hard to find. These other tea are typically made from Chinese herbs and are green tea based. There is a patent out on one of the compounds found in green tea for the purpose of smoking cessation. Although there were studies to show this compound effective, there has never been a study of just green tea for smoking cessation. Green tea also contains a significant amount of caffeine, which some people might not be able to have. The Chinese herbs that are used in these other teas focus mainly on the lungs, recovery and rejuvenation. While this is important, it does not address all of the issues of smoking cessation. Because of the lung recovery focus, these other smoking cessation teas are good for after quitting smoking as a follow up product, but Quit Tea is best while quitting smoking.

You might then ask yourself how one tea can cover so many issues. Well, the beauty of a tea is that it isn’t just one herb or another, it is many herbs, that have been blended in proprietary proportions so that it addresses each issue appropriately. Quit Tea is good for you, so if you are feeling like you need more help with nicotine withdrawal, just make another cup.

Using Quit Tea The Simple Quit Smoking Aid

The idea behind Quit Tea is simple, an herbal tea can help everyone stop smoking by reducing the side effects of withdrawal, while replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one.

Real smoking cessation comes from cutting of the consumption of nicotine. Studies have shown that it takes the body 3 weeks to get over a physical addiction to nicotine, and up to 3 months to break the psychological addiction to smoking. Quit Tea is meant to be used before quitting, to help you cut down, after quitting to help with the withdrawal side effects, and for at least 9 weeks to help break the psychological addiction and create a new, healthy habit of drinking herbal tea.

Easy Steps To Use Quit Tea:

STEP #1—Make a plan to quit, pick a date, get your smoking cessation aids ready, and then follow through.

STEP #2—For the next 9 to 12 weeks, whenever you have the craving to smoke make a cup of Quit Tea and start sipping. We recommend 3 to 5 cups a day, but you can use more if necessary.

STEP #3—After your cravings subside keep drinking some herbal tea and keep up your new healthy lifestyle.

For most people the psychological addiction is more difficult to break than the physical addiction to nicotine, because smoking is a habit that involves a break from stressful daily activities. Quit Tea is meant to substitute that habit to help you stop smoking. Making a cup of Quit Tea takes time away from normal activities, boiling water, steeping the tea and sipping away provides that break. As you are waiting and sipping, take in deep slow breaths and relax.

buy-nowThis habit of drinking tea is life long healthy habit that should be continued after completely quitting smoking. Eventually you will not need Quit Tea (but you may want to keep drinking it!) but you should continue drinking some form of tea.

Herbs & Spices That Make Quit Tea The Best Stop Smoking Method

Quit Tea is made from a blend of herbs and spices, that will help you stop smoking naturally. All herbs are safe, healthy, and natural. Below is a description of each ingredient and how combined they make the best stop smoking method available.

Valerian Root—Valerian Root is a powerful relaxant, helpful for reducing anxiety, stress, and nervousness. The root from the Valerian plant has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times as a cure for insomnia and as a muscle relaxant.

Sarsaparilla—The root of the Sarsaparilla plant is used to increase energy, promote the excretion of fluids, and restoring natural lung function. Other parts of the Sarsaparilla plant are used commonly to flavor soft drinks.

St. John’s Wort—St. John’s Wort is a herb used to treat mild depression and stress, helping elevate mood enhancing chemicals in the brain. It has been studied against many prescription medicines and has been proven effective, with far fewer side effects.

Red Clover—Red Clover is used as an appetite suppressant and for purifying the blood. Red Clover also helps the lung regenerate by acting as an expectorant, antispasmodic, and it also has relaxing effects. The flower of the red clover plant is used and is safe for use in high levels.

Licorice—Licorice root is used to increase the fluidity of mucus in the lungs and promote adrenal gland functions (boost energy). Compounds in the Licorice root improve the quality of the mucus that lungs produce to speed up recovery of the lungs after quitting smoking.

Cinnamon—Cinnamon is a common household spice used in Quit Tea for flavor and to help enhance digestion, increase the metabolism of body fat, and work as an appetite suppressant.

Ginger—Ginger is used in this tea to fight inflammation, increase circulation, and reduce headaches and nausea. Ginger, beside being a wonderful flavoring, is known for helping aid digestion.

Burdock—Burdock is a root known for having powerful detoxification properties, purifying the blood and organs. Burdock is safe and is harvested and consumed as a root vegetables in many Asian countries.

Cloves—Cloves are used in many countries as a pain killer, and in food for its flavor and as a digestive aid. Cloves contain Eugenol, which is an antiseptic and antiparasitic compound.

Oregano—Oregano is a highly beneficial antioxidant as well as a flavorant. Oregano has been used since ancient Roman and Greek times to cure stomach and lung problems. It has high levels of phenolic acids and flavanoids, and has been shown to act as an antiseptic, expectorant, and stimulant.

Fennel—Fennel is an appetite suppressant and is helps clear the lungs. The root of the Fennel plant is also useful for promoting the functioning of the kidneys, liver, and spleen, all essential for detoxifying the body. Fennel is commonly used in many food dishes.

Cayenne Pepper—Cayenne Pepper is important for aiding digestion, improving circulation, and acting as a catalyst for other herbs. Cayenne Pepper adds a useful flavor because the oils act to desensitize the taste receptors that receive pleasure from smoking cigarettes, which will make smoking seem unpleasant.

Black Pepper—Black Pepper is a spice used for flavoring the tea, as well as aiding digestion. In ancient times Black Pepper was believed to help with a whole list of problems, everything from pain to insomnia.


What You Might Want To Know About How To Quit Smoking

Will Quit Tea make me stop smoking?

As with any quit smoking aid, you have to actually want to not smoke for the product to work. Quit Tea will help once you have made the decision to stop smoking and make it easier for you to stay smoke free. With a little will power and a cup of Quit Tea you will be well on your way to a healthier life.

How long does a box of Quit Tea last?

Each box of Quit Tea contains 20 individually wrapped tea bags, and the typical people drink 3 to 5 cups per day, depending of their cravings. That means a box of Quit Tea will last 4 to 7 days, and to completely quit smoking someone will typically need 9 to 16 boxes of Quit Tea.

How many cups of Quit Tea is it safe to drink in a day?

You can safely use Quit Tea as often in a day as you feel like you need. There is nothing in Quit Tea that is potentially toxic, like lobelia, which is found in many natural quit smoking aids. People usually drink at least 3 to 5 cups of Quit Tea a day for the first few weeks, then as needed. But you should stick with it for at least 9 weeks.

Is Quit Tea safe to use with other quit smoking aids?

Yes! In fact we have found from our trial results that many people have high rates of success when they combine Quit Tea with another product like a nicotine replacement therapy. Some people have even used Quit Tea with Chantix or Zyban and successfully quit smoking. If you do decide to use Quit Tea with another smoking cessation therapy, just follow the directions of both and stick with it.

Is Quit Tea safe for use when pregnant?

Because Quit Tea contains St Johns Wort, you should ask your doctor before using it if you are pregnant or breast feeding. St Johns Wort is an herb that acts similarly to any pharmaceutical antidepressant, which the FDA has found could cause problems with pregnancy. Many pregnant women are on antidepressants under the supervision of their doctor, but you must consults your physician first.

If Quit Tea suppresses appetite and I don’t want to lose weight, should I not use Quit Tea?

Yes, it is true that in our trial respondents reported “little to no weight gain” after quitting smoking while using Quit Tea, but no one lost a significant amount of weight or gained any either. When people quit smoking they typically keep their mouth busy by snacking. If you replace high calorie snacks with no calorie Quit Tea, you won’t pack on the post quitting pound. And some of the herbs do help you feel less hungry, but that won’t make you lose weight.

Is this product recognized by the FDA as a smoking cessation aid?

No. Quit Tea has not undergone the extensive trials required by the FDA for approval as a drug. Quit Tea is a dietary supplement that is meant help you replace the habit of smoking, not treat the addiction to nicotine. The FDA considers nicotine addiction a disease and so regulates products that are sold for the treatment of addiction. Although, there are no ingredients in Quit Tea that would cause it to be regulated by the FDA, and there are many other unregulated smoking cessation aids and therapies available on the market.

If I have any health problems, can I use Quit Tea?

For almost everyone with health problems not only it is perfectly fine to drink Quit Tea, but you should use it to help you quit smoking. To be certain you might want to talk to your doctor because of possible drug interactions, and if you are highly addicted to nicotine there could be side effects of quitting.

I am on other medications, is it okay to drink Quit Tea?

The only issues with Quit Tea is that it contains St Johns Wort, a herb that acts similarly to pharmaceutical SSRI anti-depressants. Although studies have shown the side effects of St Johns Wort to be minimal compared to pharmaceuticals, you should consult a physician if you are taking other prescription medications or are pregnant.

Will drinking Quit Tea cause me to fail any type of drug test?

No. There is nothing in Quit Tea that will cause you to fail a typical work related drug test. All ingredients are completely natural would not have any of the chemical components similar to any controlled substances.


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