Type: Apps 
Method: Hypnosis / Meditation 
By: Goblue International, LLC
Pricing: $49.99

Craving to Quit

  • Daily playlists with video and audio
  • Daily cigarette tracker
  • Daily night reflection
  • 9 bonus exercise tracks
  • Daily check-in reminders


Craving to Quit is a 21-day program based on a successful program developed and tested at Yale University. A clinical trial of this program delivered as a group-based in-person training over 4 weeks proved to be twice as effective as the gold standard treatment.

This app provides a constant presence in your life through daily playlists of audio and video tracks, goal-setting tools, and daily reminders. As you progress through the program, we will walk you down to 0 cigarettes/day by teaching you important concepts about overcoming the habit and giving you the tools you need to successfully quit smoking.