Type: Books 
Method: Gradual Withdrawal 
By: Gillian Riley
Pricing: $5.69-$14.95

How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good
Fully Revise and Updated

  • Uses common sense
  • One-day-at-a-time technique
  • A technique for life
  • Revolutionary method
  • Straightforward and simple


A new edition of the bestselling programme to stop smoking and stay stopped for good, published to tie-in with the complete smoking ban planned for 2007 Everyone knows how bad smoking is for them: about half of all regular cigarette smokers will be killed by their habit, but they just can't seem to give up. If you're really serious about giving up smoking then this is the book that will not only help you to stop, but to stay stopped for good. Gillian Riley's techniques allow you to understand your addiction, take control and break your habit. There is a step-by-step giving up programme that is easy to follow and really works. Even in stressful situations, or when boredom sets in, you'll soon realise that even though the freedom and opportunity to smoke is there you have chosen not to. How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good will even help you to give up smoking without gaining weight. # Previous editions have sold over 47,000 copies # 13 million people currently smoke in the UK and about 70 per cent want to give up # Published to tie-in with the complete smoking ban coming into force in England from 1 July 2007 # This is the only book to fully address the issue of weight gain while giving up smoking # How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good is widely used in the NHS smoking cessation services, with the text and techniques proving more popular with smokers than any other book on the market