Type: Cigarette Filters 
Method: Remove Smoke / Nicotine 
By: Nic-Out
Pricing: $6.50

Nic-Out Cigarette Filters
Developed by scientists to help reduce nicotine, tar and lower the health risks

  • Removes 90% of the tar
  • Lowers Nicotine intake by 5 times!
  • No detectable change in cigarette taste
  • Get rid of "Morning Cough" within two weeks
  • One pack for regular cigarette size contains 30 filters. Each filter good for 5 cigarettes.


Each Nic Out Cigarette filter provides intensive, multistage cigarette smoke purification: 90% of the tar is extracted; the content of Nicotine is lowered 5 times!

The filter is made of transparent class-A plastic. The same kind of plastic, which is used for production of baby food bottles.

A smoker does not detect any changes in the taste of the cigarette since the method used is mechanical smoke purification.

The short length of the filter provides no change in the smoke's temperature, which is an important comfort consideration for most smokers.

The immediate results of using the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting "morning cough" - usually a consequence of smoking over 15 cigarettes per day. After 2 weeks of using this filter the smokers are completely rid of the "morning cough"

Millions have successfully used Nic Out. Until you quit, use Nic Out!

*WARNING: Cigarette Filters do not make any cigarette "safe". For Use only as part of a smoking cessation program.