Type: Books 
Method: Cold Turkey  Other 
By: Susan Hepburn
Pricing: $11.43

Stop Smoking in One Hour
Play the CD... just once... and never smoke again!

  • No withdrawal symptoms or cravings
  • No irritability
  • No desire for snacks between meals


Quit smoking in one hour without withdrawal symptoms..

The book comes with a CD in s sealed envelope mounted inside the back cover.
After listening to Susan Hepburn’s unique and effective hypnotherapy script smokers will become non-smokers.
Hepburn strengthens the program with special breathing exercises, explained in the book The formula works no matter how many years you have smoked or how many a day. Although her formula does not rely on the willpower of your own to give up, it does rely on your desire to quit – not the desire other's may have for you to quit.