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By: Hecot Rodriguez Fornies
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Stop Smoking - Mindfulness Meditation App
Mindfulness Meditation App to Cessation Smoking

  • Gain the willpower necessary to avoid tobacco
  • Calm down before smoking so your anxiety doesn't control you
  • Become aware of how disgusting tobacco smoke is (something the smoker has forgotten over time)
  • Avoid automation of smoking: you will quit smoking in "auto pilot"


Do you tell yourself every day that you need to stop smoking? Meditation can be the help and support that you need to quit that habit.

A Yale University research study confirms the benefits of mindfulness and meditation when it comes to quitting an addiction.

The research shows that 30% of people who practice meditation to quit smoking did not smoke a single cigarette in the first week of training, versus the 6% of people who used traditional methods to quit smoking.

An addicted brain is a brain with a great load of stress; it's a brain that works too fast. Meditation gets the brain to relax and reduces the excess of its activity.