Cigarette Companies are Conning You Out of Your Money

Nichole I. | Denver, CO, USA

Get yourself some NON-nicotine e-cigs flavored with vanilla, cherry, or whatever vapor tickles your pink.  In case that doesn’t work carry backup distractions such as Dum Dum lollipops and your favorite chewing gum.  Do these activities away from smoking people so you won’t feel tempted to drop your goodies for a smoke.  If all else fails imagine someone is paying you good moolah to resist the urge and with any luck will turn that fantasy into a reality!  If they don’t, there’s no need to be discouraged because A. You’re already saving money by not buying those expensive smokes & B. There will ALWAYS be another non-smoker you can con money out of by quitting smoking.  We’ve got some good leverage here and we might as well use it against the goody-two-lungs out there.  (Once I become one of them, I won’t allow smokers to run that con on me of course.  I’m taking the money and running…and I won’t be panting anymore either so you can’t catch me!)

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