Frankie Says, Take it Easy

Roy M. | Holly, Michigan, USA

Start by cutting out one a day. Skip the bedtime smoke for a few days, once you get over that hump, skip the morning smoke for a few days. Try to change your routine to cut out another smoke a day. Really need a smoke, buy licorice, where you can bite off the ends and make a straw. Instead of having a smoke go for a walk, take licorice with you. You can get the same sensation in your hands that a cigarette gives you.  If you smoke menthol cigarettes have a mint in your mouth each time you use the licorice straw. Believe me the urge will reduce, your sense of smell will return, you may gain a little weight, or get cavities. If you walk it will help with weight control (and you’ll breathe better)  make sure to brush your teeth to help prevent cavities. I did quit this way, I went back to smoking to deal with the deaths of my parents within 18 months of each other and dysfunctional siblings. I will quit again, and you can too.

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