Smoking Causes Disability and Disease; it Does Not Just Effect You

Lindsay B. | Victorville, CA, USA

Lindsay B.

I do not smoke or want to smoke. My mother was pregnant with me while smoking and doing drugs and caused me to have a learning problem. I have had nothing but problems with my disability. I can’t communicate or learn like other people. My friends and people that I loved died from lung cancer do to smoking. Knowing and learning from other peoples experience I choose not to smoke or drink or any other drugs. I like to drink no smoking tea because it blocks and protects my lungs from fuming smoke from other smokers or from toxic chemicals in the air I breath. I also like the taste of the tea. I drink green tea every day. I am 29 years old and have been drinking it since I was 16 and i still look 16. I hope that my story well help other people.

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