Snack on Fresh Fruits

Star M. | Pleasant Grove, Alabama, USA

Star M.

fSo that I won’t crave nicotine all day,  I try and wait as long as I can before having the first cigarette of the day. Since stress is usually the reason I have my first cigarette, I stay away from situations with people that I know will only cause me to get overwhelmed. And if I can’t avoid them….I remind myself of all the documentaries I’ve watched about the harmful effects of smoking - The many cancers, heart disease, yucky yellow teeth, gingivitis, wrinkles & so on.
And if all else fails, I snack on fresh fruit and think that if I give in to a cigarette just because someone annoys me, then I’m allowing them to win because not only am I becoming stressed, but I’m putting dangerous chemicals in my body that only damages my smile & quality of life! I want to enjoy life & explore this world until my last breath. I certainly don’t want to drag around an oxygen tank while I’m trekking through the Andes Mountains! We only have this one body, we must take of it, ‘cause no one else will!

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