Warning: If you Love Your Family, QUIT!

Yenny O. | Springdale, AR, USA

My grandfather was a very heavy smoker, which my grandmother hated very much. He picked up smoking after he was retired and maybe he was bored that he picked up that bad habit. He started with just occasional smoking then becoming a regular smoker then to a much heavier smoker of 1-2 packs a day. All of us have been trying to explain to him about the danger of smoking and the damage it will do to his health, but he wouldn’t listen. My grandmother was so angry that she decided to move out and live with us, leaving my grandfather living alone for almost a year. None of us want to be near him too and only come to visit every now and then. Feeling lonely, he finally quit smoking and tried to rebuild the family relationship again. He’s very strong-willed so quitting smoking did not take very long with him, within 6 months, he’s free of smoking and get back the love of mygrandmother and all of us.

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