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November 3 2015
Tim Kapp, CEO
Just hours after taking the reins as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is making plans for his fancy new digs in the speakers suite. Hist first priority - get rid of the smell of smoke left behind by his predecessor.
August 31 2015
Our latest video, “Quitting Smoking Timeline”, shows you just how fast your body can recover — even from years of smoking related damage.
June 25 2008 Staff,
Cigarette Filters are designed to dilute and/or remove a significant portion of tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke.
December 10 2007
Fred Kelley,
Want to save some money? Here are a few ways smoking is making your life more expensive.
July 13 2006 Staff,
Withdrawal symptoms will last from a few days to several weeks. Find out what you can expect when you quit smoking.