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November 3 2015
Tim Kapp, CEO
Just hours after taking the reins as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is making plans for his fancy new digs in the speakers suite. Hist first priority - get rid of the smell of smoke left behind by his predecessor.
October 15 2015 Staff,
Want to buy a Ferrari? You could, if you can give up smoking. In 2010 the average price of cigarettes was $4.80 per pack. Thats $33.60 a week, $140, or $1,750 a year.
August 31 2015
Fred Kelley,
Quitting isn’t easy, Here are 20 tips proven to help.
June 9 2015
Guest Contributor,
Need a visual incentive to quit? Try a money jar.
June 3 2015
Guest Contributor,
Oranges provide a bit of something for all your senses.
May 28 2015
Guest Contributor,
Never give up
May 19 2015
Guest Contributor,
Ice chips - the not calorie treat
May 7 2015
Guest Contributor,
Cravings vs Jumping Jacks
April 30 2015
Guest Contributor,
Want to quit smoking? First, relax.