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The Quit Smoking Message Board is one of the largest quit smoking communities in the world. We invite you to join us, but please remember these simple things:

Be Involved

Are you quitting? Keep in touch and get the support you need from our members. Have you already quit? Please pay it forward by helping the next person.

Be Kind

No doubt, quitting cigarettes can be an emotional ride. If you see something you disagree with, step back, take a breath, and assume the other person is on the same ride as you.

Be Grateful

Our forum members and administrators are almost all volunteers - people that have quit themselves. That's what makes this forum so special. Please tell them 'thanks' for their incredible service.

Don't Advertise!

Don't post spam. Don't post links to your products. Don't try to sell your e-cigarettes. No! No! No! If your product is right for our store, contact us and we'll be happy can discuss it.